Sway with me – 2005

Sway with me. Watch and see.
A puppet without strings.
Feel the trance. Take this chance.
Revel in these things.

You, here in this darkness, my soul desires
Fall into me, find the spark, all that it inspires
Each breath, your voice in the air, your song rises
Continue, I pray, lest hope within us dies

Sway with me. In darkness see
The blinding light of love.
Come and hear that soft whisper
Of promise on the wings of a dove.

Texture drapes, notes fall in, escalation builds.
Follow me, your soul is free, to this you must yield.
The art within, imagination pure, ignites a single match.
Burn for me, a deep blue flame, and wait for it to catch.

Sway with me, grace and free
Let the ebb tide flow.
Come along, feel our song
Dance with the one you know.


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