Poem: Must we be blind…


Must we all be blind to see a soul and not just race?
If I only had my ear and the tips of my fingers
To tell me who you are, what would I find?
Smooth skin, some wrinkles, whiskers.
Would the lips smile as I touched them because
Such a light touch tickles or would I find that the careful
Scrutiny of my touch makes you nervous, so you bite your lip.
If my fingers wander up to your hair line
Would it be soft with youth, coarse with age, or in-between;
Thick and curly, soft and thin, brittle or strong like
A song that sing a story of another kind.
Would there be laugh lines by your eyes and if so, will I feel
Your lashes flutter against my hands as you smile at my

Why must sight have so much more to say in the matter, when
We can just feel with our hearts.

Maybe we should be blind to everything else save for that tactile interaction
We might pity of someone who doesn’t see.

Perhaps we can learn from this.

Respect our cultures and Diversity
Yet be blind to everything pre-conceived, and just learn about the person before us.

Just see the soul.

Galen S. Skye
July 10th, 2016



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