Poetry Flashback: Dream Come True… (1990)

Upon occasion I have been asked ‘how long have you been a poet’. I don’t know if there has been a time when I did not play with words in the form of poetry. Even before I could write, I made up little rhymes. I published my first poem at the age of 12 and never really stopped.  Looking back, it is sometimes amazing I survived my childhood, but a few personal gems did come out of it. (many, many more will never see the light of day 🙂

Dream Come True…

Magical dust scattered throughout the sky
Fair dreams of you and I
Floating down
from way above
the breathless beauty
of the world beyond.

All stare with displeasing eyes
At elegance in disguise
Hidden traits
filter through
a shy smile
turned toward you.

Glares ignored as glory shines
All is well with you and I.
Tender moments will
dry all tears,
and warm out hearts
throughout the years.

Galen S. Skye
1990 (17 years old)



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