Poetry Flashback: 2004 – Second Star to the Right

Second Star to the Right

As a child I dreamed. Visions of places
I might never see, danced just out of reach.
The promise of what might be, took me along a path unseen
Until from sleep I awoke.

I longed to travel. Venture to distant lands
See the distant shores and sands.
I would live among the elves and fae,
Scale mountains and wander Great Plains.

I once wished upon a star hanging low in the sky.
Hoping for an adventure, Upon it
I prayed: Take me away to my dream,
A journey far away to places yet unseen by me.

Forever young I would explore
The ancient wilds of distant shores
Dancing upon the wind of time
I would fly up so very high.

When I awoke and looked about me
The magic trappings of imagination were lost.
Give me the kiss of immortal dreams
I thought. But there was no fairy dust left for me.

Years flew by. Youth fell fast
Finally I was all grown at last.
Still every now and then, I wish once more
Upon a single star as before..

Neverland is gone, you see
And with it the phantom whisper of childish dreams.
That time I find I still do miss
Wrapped up in memories of twilight’s magic kiss.

            I used to dream of Neverland…
Until I found it within my heart.



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