Whispers in Twilight (1998)

Whispers in the Twilight The purple hues blur the world As the sun sets in the west. A lazy sense of finality settles Like a mantle of time upon my shoulders. Turning the corner visions assault me. A bird chirps from a nearby tree. I look around expecting you to be Near enough-- I could … Continue reading Whispers in Twilight (1998)


Scent is a funny thing… (2002)

Scent is a funny thing to me. It rules my memories With an iron fist of Haunting recollections. The incense burning on my alter Comforts and protects, Reminding me of days spent In the shelter of friendship. Ancient flavors and smells, Their temptation soothes and Wraps around me Like arms around a well loved Child. … Continue reading Scent is a funny thing… (2002)