Poetry Flashback: This is my soul (2004)

The purple hues of twilight linger on the horizon,
Reflecting off the ocean of rippling glass.
I feel the energy of the magic moments between
Crackle gently along my skin.

This is the moment where I am the very essence of myself.
This is my soul.
Hues of colour, vibrant purples,
Regal and elegant gold meeting the
Mysterious shades of deep blue where
Apollo’s chariot dives beyond the earth.

I watch a heron glide across the water,
Decorating the horizon with a silhouette
So regal my throat tightens at the sight.
The suns last rays cast an amber glow to my eyes
Offering up to those who have the imagination to see
Past tricks of the light into what is real

What is me.

This is my soul.



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