So cold… (2003)

Would that the warmth of my thoughts be strong enough to warm my hands;
The light of a distant lantern flickers across the snow covered fields.
They are desolate in their beauty, and beckon to me…

Oh for a candle that burns so bright
Giving warmth, comfort and light
And as the wind sways the trees
It calls me forth and whispers to me.

And yet,
It is cold outside and I find no comfort
In the bitter winds that make the trees dance
To an unspoken tune. Suddenly, the crack of a limb
Echos like thunder and is falls down to the ground.

The noise so fierce it startles me here
As I sit by the dormant fire.
Wishing for a flame, hope or desire
To unburden my troubles and fears.

And then there’s the creak of the door in the back.
It opens, and the shuffle of feet reaches my ears.
I turn on my stool by that un-burning fire and sigh in frozen relief.




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