Spin, Spin, Spin! (2017)

Oh to be three and full of such joy.

I watch my son and see the gears in his brain
Spin, and spin and spin!

Thoughts colliding just as he stubbles over a toy,
(or several, we never get them put away for long.)

I glance away for but a moment and he has
Markers in his hands now.

Spin, spin, spin!

Arms out, the tops of the markers undone. “Look at me,” he demands.
And I admit, I had been paying more attention to my book,
So I do. Calmly we turn the markers to a more useful purpose.

It pacifies him for a while, maybe 10 minutes at best,
And then off he goes again!

The sun is out! Spin, spin, spin!

Catching the dust in the rays of light, he turns to me,
Eyes so bright, and dimmed for only a moment
When I remind him how cold it is outside.

Spin. He hugs my leg and then dances away.
SPIN. He giggles and hides behind a chair.
And out again he comes, moments later to share his joy!
A fish cracker (only a few days old, I’m sure. Still good!)

Spin, Spin, Spin!

Flops in the floor at my feet, hands raised toward me with such glee.


The smile ingites the room and my world in that moment it perfect.

So I stand up,

And we Spin!


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